Alchemystified . Aevum Web Project


An Ecclectic Assembly of Digital Art
What is the magic recipe for stirring inspiration? These 30 images are what we found along the way.

sat : dec.20.2008

Lychnobitten . Aevum Web Project


Asleep All Day, Alive All Night
A collection of graphic pieces with no people, no words, just midnight colors and evening splatters.

mon : apr.21.2008

Baeiophonic . Aevum Web Project


A Quartet of Moving Graphics and Music
Four misplaced parts of a graphical soundscape, threaded with cavernous music.

tue : may.15.2007

mon : jan.06.2014

Ways To Improve The Mental Health of an Octopus

  • Write in a sketch book
  • Meditation
  • Martial arts
  • Frequent a gun range

Let's see which works first.

( scribble silence, swing and bang )

wed : jan.01.2014

The Doves Are Up To Something

Combination video, music, and web project.

This will be my pastermeist.

( just need some birds )

sat : dec.21.2013

My Dog Laughs When He Sleeps

Must be one amusing squirrel.

I bet his jokes are nuts.

( aaaaaand i'll let myself out... )

sat : dec.14.2013

Ode to Tony

At fifty-two years young, my farming neighbor died of a sudden stroke and brain aneurysm.

What a stupid world.

thu : dec.12.2013

Damn Girl

Are you a car alarm?

Because you are really fucking loud and annoying.