Alchemystified . Aevum Web Project


An Ecclectic Assembly of Digital Art
What is the magic recipe for stirring inspiration? These 30 images are what we found along the way.

sat : dec.20.2008

Lychnobitten . Aevum Web Project


Asleep All Day, Alive All Night
A collection of graphic pieces with no people, no words, just midnight colors and evening splatters.

mon : apr.21.2008

Baeiophonic . Aevum Web Project


A Quartet of Moving Graphics and Music
Four misplaced parts of a graphical soundscape, threaded with cavernous music.

tue : may.15.2007

mon : jun.29.2015

Mustard Requiem

A sad song

for a thick smell.

fri : jun.19.2015

Scurvy Supporta's September Salty Singin' And Swiggin' All-Hands-On-Deck Summit

And there,
  standing and walking
  like a doomed erection

Was it just another merengue band?

Or is this what the future holds?

( play ball )

mon : jun.08.2015

Worth X Minutes

Is it really?

mon : jun.01.2015

Gabriel and Hobbes

What is an imaginary friend
  but a fourth wall
  with only one person on the other side?

( product, process, drugs, dream )

mon : jun.01.2015

Danny The Disco Drummer

He works days as a plumber, but his heart's really not in it.

Grinding away under sinks.

He knows all there is to know about back flow, flex coupling, and escutcheons.

But that's not his passion.

And nobody cares about his passion.


  he'll never

    give it a try.

Drop the plunger
  and dance, you disco fucker.

( dance )