Web Projects

Aevum Web Projects are Multimedia works of Art, using the Web as a platform for Creativity and Expression. They are created with evolving technologies, commingled with traditional methods of design, composition, and prose. Each is as poetically mesmeric as oily seas are pleochroic.

Alchemystified . Aevum Web Project


An Ecclectic Assembly of Digital Art
What is the magic recipe for stirring inspiration? These 30 images are what we found along the way.

sat : dec.20.2008

Lychnobitten . Aevum Web Project


Asleep All Day, Alive All Night
A collection of graphic pieces with no people, no words, just midnight colors and evening splatters.

mon : apr.21.2008

Baeiophonic . Aevum Web Project


A Quartet of Moving Graphics and Music
Four misplaced parts of a graphical soundscape, threaded with cavernous music.

tue : may.15.2007

Seraphine . Aevum Web Project


Manufactured Attempts at Salvation
In the ruins of Neo Egypt, another synthetic seraph tries to make sense of humanity.

mon : apr.16.2007

syn . la . vein . Aevum Web Project

syn . la . vein

How vaith Lost his Wing
The prelude to vaith, one-winged manufactured angel, and how a scarab lead to Neo Egypt.

tue : may.10.2005

Foxes & Safe Places . Aevum Web Project

Foxes & Safe Places

Footprints Dissolving in Snow
Hunting dreams until they die, illuminate the wonder of benign memoirs and familiar bliss.

sat : dec.06.2003

halo.stitch . Aevum Web Project


The Story of Chloe
Ecstasy and suffering are opposing shades of the same spectrum, bound together by an emotional thread.

sun : jun.01.2003

UFSOA . Aevum Web Project


Anatomy of a Nation
The contradicting predictions, ideal family, and declaration of a passive nation.

fri : apr.18.2003

Apoptosis . Aevum Web Project


Chosen, As The World Ends
Sequence, post-armageddon: life before, becoming chosen, denial, acceptance, and the final spiral.

tue : feb.25.2003

Reason for Heaven's Addiction . Aevum Web Project

Reason for Heaven's Addiction

One Wing is Never Enough
Pursuit of ultimate euphoria leads the one-winged angel vaith to his demise.

wed : dec.04.2002

The Vnea Concept . Aevum Web Project

The Vnea Concept

From Epiphany To Eulogy
An absent discovery of the numerical nature of existence places the world in a state of orchestral assault.

sat : oct.12.2002

Aepocalypse . Aevum Web Project


Everything, Nothing, and One
Between infinity and the void, there sits a singularity. Alone with the truth, evident.

sun : aug.18.2002